Pro-Lab Bacteria In Water Home Test Kit

Pro-Lab Bacteria In Water Home Test Kit

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The Pro-Lab Bacteria in Water Home test kit is a simple to use and accurate test kit that will provide results within 48 hours. If test shows bacteria is present an optional lab analysis is available for $30 that will indicate the exact count and type of bacteria in the water. The bacteria in water test kit utilizes a patented EPA approved laboratory analytical method for accuracy and reliability.

Who should test for bacteria in drinking water?
Test your water for bacteria twice a year if any of the following are true for your drinking water source:
  • Water comes from a private underground well
  • Small rural public water supply
  • Any non-chlorinated water supply
  • A roof-top wood storage tanks
  • Home water treatment devices utilizing GAC (Granular Activated Charcoal)

Bacterial contamination can cause severe digestive problems, fever, nausea, diarrhea and even death. The EPA recommends testing for total coliform and E. coli bacteria twice a year.

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