Pro-Lab Lead In Paint & Dust Home Test Kit

Pro-Lab Lead In Paint & Dust Home Test Kit

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The Pro-Lab Professional Test Kit for Paint & Dust provide a simple and accurate first line of defense against lead contamination in your home or office. All surfaces including walls, windows, ceilings, floors and ceramics should be tested, especially in older homes where remodeling is going to take place.

The PRO-LAB Professional Lead Test Kit for Paint & Dust is an EPA approved laboratory test that will accurately and reliably test your paint sample and dust sample for lead contamination to 1 ppm content providing a professional lab report within two weeks of our receipt of your test samples.

  • $30.00 Lab Fee Required For Analysis per sample.
  • Meets EPA Title X requirements for real estate transactions.
  • Simple to use test utilizes atomic absorption spectrometer via graphite furnace.
  • Offers EPA Proficiency results within 2 weeks.

Ingesting lead paint and breathing in lead dust is the #1 contributor to lead poisoning, which causes brain damage and affects over 200,000 children each year

If you discover the presence of lead–based paint in your house, do not attempt to remove it yourself. Contact your local health department and seek help from a professional who has special training in lead paint removal or encapsulation.

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