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Refilling 2.5 Gallon Water Fire Extinguishers with FireAde 2000 - Instructions

Instructions for Refilling and Charging Water Fire Extinguishers.
It's This Easy To Recharge Your 2.5 gallon water fire extinguisher with FireAde 2000 AFFF or other wetting agents.

Follow these simple steps below. You will need a 10 quart measuring bucket, air-compressor, funnel, FireAde 2000 or other wetting agent and water! No more sending fire extinguisher off to be serviced! Order Amerex 240 Water Fire Extinguisher.
FireAde Fire Extinguisher Refill - 1 FireAde Fire Extinguisher Refill - 2 FireAde Fire Extinguisher Refill - 3
Step 1
Be sure all pressure has been released from the extinguisher before servicing. Loosen the extinguisher head and remove.
Step 2
Add (9) nine quarts of water to a (10) ten-quart measuring bucket.
Step 3
Add (1) one quart (32oz.) of FireAde 2000 or other wetting agent to water.
FireAde Fire Extinguisher Refill - 4 FireAde Fire Extinguisher Refill - 5 FireAde Fire Extinguisher Refill - 6
Step 4
Pour mixture into fire extinguisher using a funnel.
Step 5
Replace and hand tighten extinguisher head. Do not over-tighten.
Step 6
Charge extinguisher using air-compressor to 100 PSI.

Note: Always stand to the side as pictured above while charging fire extinguishers!

We have FireAde AFFF available in 1 quart bottles for charging 2.5 gallon water extinguishers." FireAde AFFF Quart.
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