Flamecheck Fire Retardant Spray & Paint Additive

Fire Supply Depot is a proud distributor of Flamecheck Fire Retardant Products. Flamecheck is non-toxic and environmentally friendly and can be applied to fabrics (natural, synthetic & blends), wood, foam and more for Residential, Commercial and Institutional fire-retardant applications.

Flamecheck M-111 Fire Retardant Spray meets or exceeds a “Class A” finish for NFPA 701 and NFPA 705 flame tests for fabrics and ASTM E-84 for wooden surfaces. Use only a light mist to treat most items, dry, test and reapply if needed. Available in 1 quart spray bottles, 1 gallon jugs and 5 gallon pails.

Flamecheck M-111 Applications:
  • Theater & Stage Curtains
  • Movie and Stage Props, Backdrops  & Costumes
  • Christmas Trees & Decorations
  • Wood and Fabric Furniture: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Silk and Dried Plants
  • Polystyrene and Foam Rubber Items
  • Vehicle Interiors
  • Wildfire Protection

Flamecheck M-111PA Fire Retardant Paint Additive prolongs the burn time of walls, ceilings and other materials, allowing additional time to evacuate during a fire. Compatible with most latex and acrylic water-based paints in residential, multi-family, commercial and industrial applications, Flamecheck PA gives a “Class A” fire rating on the paint coating. Available in 8 oz. bottles (6 or 12 per pack) and 1 gallon jugs.

Flamecheck M-111PA Applications:
  • Movie Studios: Props, Backdrops and Sets
  • Household:  Kitchens, Garages, Exteriors & Interiors
  • Commercial: Restaurants, Daycares, Military, Office & Schools
  • Cabins or Houses near wooded areas

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