Dynarex Berman Style Emergency Oral Airway Kit Disposable - 6-Piece

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Dynarex Berman Style Emergency Oral Airway Kit Disposable - 6-Piece
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Designed to aid unconscious patients by preventing tongue blockage of the posterior pharyngeal wall, our Dynarex Resp-O2™ Oral Berman Airways are a reliable and essential addition to any medical toolkit. With a focus on ease and comfort, these airways feature a range of benefits to optimize patient care.

Dynarex 36312 Oral Airway Kit Includes:
  • 1 - Infant (40mm)
  • 1 - Child (60mm)
  • 1 - Small Adult (80mm)
  • 1 - Medium Adult (90mm)
  • 1 - Large Adult (100mm)
  • 1 - XL Adult (110mm)
  • 1 - Plastic Case
Key Features:
  • Dual-Channel Design: Facilitates the insertion of suction catheters without obstructing the air passage, ensuring smooth procedures and efficient respiration.
  • Smooth, Curved Design: Contours to the shape of the pharynx, providing superior comfort and easy insertion during critical moments.
  • Sturdy Bite Block: Adds stability for increased patient safety and effectiveness.
  • Premium-Quality Polyethylene: Constructed from top-notch materials, ensuring optimal reliability and consistent performance.
  • Slotted Sides: Smooth catheter insertion without obstructing the air passageway, minimizing disruptions during care.
  • Midway Openings: Helps maintain the airway even during shifts or partial occlusions, for continuous support.
  • Smooth and Durable Finish: Improved flexibility and durability due to the non-brittle finish, offering a reliable solution for medical professionals.
  • Color-Coded for Easy Size Identification: Streamlines workflow and saves time with quick and effortless recognition of sizes.
  • Individually Packaged: Each airway is hygienically packaged to maintain sterility and ensure the utmost cleanliness.
  • Latex and DEHP-Free: Compliant with safety standards and suitable for a wide range of patients.

Upgrade your medical care with Dynarex Resp-O2™ Oral Berman Airways and experience unparalleled support for unconscious patients. With their user-friendly features and reliable construction, you can trust these airways to provide the utmost comfort and efficiency during critical medical procedures.