10 Pair Box Ear Plugs - 32 DB Rated - Soft Foam - Bullet Shaped - Yellow

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10 Pair Box Ear Plugs  - 32 DB Rated - Soft Foam - Bullet Shaped - Yellow
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These 32 dB Noise Reduction Rated Safety Ear Plugs (10 Pairs) allow you to work and complete activities while helping to prevent the risk of hearing loss. You can use them for work, travel, concerts, sleeping and more. The super soft foam conforms to the shape of your ear and you can remold them. These earplugs have a snug, comfortable fit and are brightly colored for easy compliance checks.

The level of noise entering a person's ear when a hearing protector is worn as directed is closely approximated by the difference between both the weighted environmental noise level and the noise reduction rating (NRR). The NRR is 32 decibels (dB) when used as directed. The range of noise reduction ratings for existing hearing protectors is approximately 0 to 30. High numbers denote greater effectiveness. Example (a-b=c): a. The environmental noise level as measured at the ear is 92dBa. b. The NRR is 32dB. c. The level of noise entering the ear is approximately equal to 60dBa.

32DB NRR Ear Plug Features:
  • 10 Pair in a Box
  • NRR: 32dB
  • Color: Yellow
  • Shape: Tapered Bullet
  • Material: Super Soft Foam
  • EPA Labeled: 40 CFR Part 211, Subpart B.
  • Box Quantity: 10 Pairs
  • Case Quantity: 144 Boxes of 10 Pairs
  • Inner Pack Quantity: 12 Boxes of 10 Pairs