STAY SAFE Homeless Care Safety & Survival Kit with Food, Water & Radio - 20 piece

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STAY SAFE Homeless Care Safety & Survival Kit with Food, Water & Radio - 20 piece
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This STAY SAFE emergency kit comes with emergency food and water and an AM/FM radio for local weather and emergency alerts. These kits are designed with the care and concern of a homeless person and the challenges they may face during a natural disaster. The items in this kit will provide one person with food, water, warmth, light and safety, to survive 24 hours until further help is available. Each kit is packaged in a 1 gallon, reclosable bag and weighs less than 2 ½ pounds.

Our STAY SAFE Survival Kits for the Homeless make ideal gift donations for church organizations, non-profit agencies, shelters, school fundraisers and corporations wanting to help the homeless in their community.

STAY SAFE Kit SSK2 Contents:
  • (1) 1200 Calorie Emergency Food Bar
  • (3) Emergency Water Pouches
  • (1) AM/FM Radio (with batteries)
  • (1) First Aid Kit, 37 pcs.
  • (1) Emergency Solar Blanket, 84" x 52"
  • (1) Emergency Sleeping Bag, 84" x 36"
  • (1) Yellow Emergency Poncho w/String Hood
  • (2) Hand Warmers
  • (1) Squeeze Flashlight
  • (1) Red Blinking Safety Light
  • (1) Shatterproof Mirror
  • (1) Green 12-Hour Light Stick
  • (1) Metal Alert Whistle w/ Lanyard
  • (4) Antimicrobial Hand Wipes
  • (1) Plastic Reclosable Bag, 1-Gallon

Emergency Food Bar
  • Each 1200 calorie food bar provides the minimal nutritional needs of one person for one day. The food bars are vitamin-fortified, Apple-Cinnamon flavored and non-thirst provoking.

Emergency Drinking Water
  • Our emergency drinking water is purified, bacteria free and approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. Three 4.225 ounce pouches provides the minimum required water for survival for one day.

AM/FM Radio With Batteries
  • This pocket size radio is easy to transport and comes with 2 AA batteries, a telescopic antenna and wrist lanyard.

37-Piece First-Aid Kit
The 37-Piece Pocket Size First-Aid Kit provides essential items to treat minor injuries. Case colors vary (red, clear or blue). Each first-aid kit includes the following items:
  • (10) Plastic bandages 3/4" x 3"
  • (10) Plastic Bandages 3/8" x 1 1/2"
  • (2) Gauze Pads 2" x 2" (2 per pack)
  • (3) Alcohol Cleansing Pads
  • (1) Butterfly Wound Closure
  • (10) Cotton Tips
  • Hard plastic case

Emergency Solar Blanket
  • Our reusable emergency solar blankets can provide life-saving warmth on cold nights. Their unique mylar material reflects light, retains 90% body heat and will protect from rain, wind and snow. Each blanket is 84" L x 52" W.

Emergency Mylar Sleeping Bag
  • Each emergency sleeping bag is made from an aluminized mylar material and measures 84" L x 36" W. They are lightweight, retain 90% body heat and will help protect from hypothermia. One bag may be cut along the seam to function as a large solar blanket (84" x 72").

Emergency Rain Poncho with String Hood
  • Our emergency rain ponchos are made of lightweight polyethylene and will help keep a person dry in wet conditions. Each poncho has a roomy hood with an adjustable drawstring. One size fits most.

Air-Activated Hand Warmers
  • Our STAY SAFE survival kits come equipped with two (2) hand warmers that are air activated. Once opened, each hand warmer provides 10 (plus) hours of warmth and will protect from potential frostbite and hypothermia.

Squeeze Flashlight – No Batteries Required
  • Our hand-held, squeeze flashlight has 3 LED bulbs which provide a bright light during the nighttime. No batteries are required. The flashlight recharges by simply squeezing the handle to generate power.

Clip-on LED Blinking Safety Light
  • Each red clip-on LED light has 3 flashing modes. The blinking light will help a homeless person to stay safe while walking or biking at night or signal their location to a Search & Rescue Team.

Shatterproof Safety Mirror
  • Our shatterproof mirrors are compact and made of durable stainless-steel material. The mirrors may function as a grooming tool or signal a person's location to a Search & Rescue Team.

12-Hour Lightstick
  • Light sticks can help a homeless person to illuminate their steps at night and stay safe during an emergency. Each 6" green light stick is non-toxic, non-flammable and will glow for up to 12 hours. They include a string and hook for use as a lanyard or can be attached to a tent, cart or bicycle.

Metal Alert Whistle
  • The emergency whistle is an essential item in our STAY SAFE kits. It can be used as a location device to alert Search & Rescue Teams or to scare off animals or persons threatening their safety. Lanyard colors vary.

Antimicrobial Wipes
  • Antimicrobial wipes are convenient pre-moistened towelettes that kill 99.99% of germs and contain aloe vera. They are an essential item to sanitize hands when soap and water are not readily available.

Note: Items in the Kits may be purchased separately. We also provide Male and Female Personal Hygiene kits to supplement our homeless care packages. Male & Female Personal Hygiene Kits