Jumbo Emergency Fire Starter Flint & Striker With Rubberized Handle

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Jumbo Emergency Fire Starter Flint & Striker With Rubberized Handle
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This jumbo flint and striker with a rubber grip handle is a must have for camping, hiking, backpacking, emergency and survival kits. Compact enough to fit in your pocket, backpack or glove box.

  • Overall Length: 4-1/16"
  • Flint Rod Length : 2-3/16"
  • Rubber Handle Length : 2-3/8"
  • Flint Rod Diameter : 5/16"
  • Striker Length : 2-3/8"
  • Striker Width : 1/2"
  • Rubber Grip Handle on Flint Rod
  • Serrated Metal Striker
  • Lanyard

How to Use the Fire Starter:
  • Ferro/flint rods come with a black protective coating that must be scraped off before using.
  • (1) Gather tinder: twigs, dead branches, dry bark, grass, pine needles, lint or paper.
  • (2) Hold the magnesium rod at an angle above your tinder pile.
  • (3) Use the striker to scrape along the length of the magnesium rod to create shavings.
  • (4) Let the shavings fall into your tinder pile.
  • (5) Keep scraping until you've scraped a pile of shavings amounting approximately to the size of a quarter.
  • (6) Hold the flint at an angle over the pile of magnesium shavings, then slide your striker quickly along the length of the flint forcefully to create sparks.
  • (7) Continue to slide striker against the flint until the sparks you've created land directly onto the pile of magnesium shaving & tinder and ignite the fire.
  • (8) Once ignited, blow gently on the magnesium shavings to spread flames to the rest of your tinder.